Welcome to my website!
Here you’ll find some brief information about me. When I have more time I will expand my website.

************************************ I’m a geologist, holding a M.Sc. degree. My Master thesis “An investigation of microscopic phases in the Bon Accord Ni-oxide body, Barberton region, South Africa” is finished since 03/2012. Currently I’m a Research Assistant at the McGill University, Canada.

************************************ I’m doing research on the occurrence of detrital Cr-rich magnetite in forsteritic olivine in ultramafic rocks, as well as on fluid inclusions in gold deposits.

************************************ My general research interests are mineralogy and mineralchemistry of Ni-deposits, the characterization of uncommon mineral assemblages, deep-Earth magmatic processes related to ore-forming processes, and metal transport in sulphur-rich hydrothermal systems.

************************************ Geology and Science is not only a job, it is my passion. I also love to travel, photography, to be outside in nature, drawing, reading, making cakes and of course to spoil my cat.

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